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Blonde teen girl Alaina Fox taking off her pantiesFrom Zishy (click here for instant access)

This is the second part of Alaina Fox's shoot in the red dress. Basically, I found this frock in a vintage store but it originally came down to cover the wearer's ankles. I appreciated the pattern and color, just had to sexy it up a bit. So Alaina and I took shears and cut away almost 3 feet of the red fabric. Alaina Fox is obviously not your typical porn star. I don't even know if you'd call her a porn star. She's done a few gigs, but you can tell there's a lot more going on upstairs than just 'sex-drugs-money'. She used to be a cutter. I don't recall discussing much about it with her, but I did want to confirm that she was fine with me showing off her scars.

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