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College is an incredibly expensive venture that places millions of people each year into debt for a large chunk of their lives. I am not sold on the idea that it is the best way to launch teens into adulthood. For now, there is one thing I truly love about college: college girls. When she is not blowing minds in photos, Carlee Delima studies something at some California university (she requested some anonymity). I could not have asked for a better tour guide of the campus. This stunning sorority girl surprises me every time. While we were walking around, she waved and greeted her friends. Bravery, brains, beauty; Carlee's got it all.
Too much good stuff here of Carlee Delima. Carlee is fun as hell and just as beautiful. I believe she's even getting some runway work these days. And yeah I hear a few of you complaining that there's not enough skin or whatevs. Sorry, mates. Perhaps you are at the wrong place if that is all you are looking for. Trust me, I do my best to get sexuality in every gallery, but Zishy is not meant to be your old man's nudie mag. Yes, I love seeing all the bare parts of girls just as much as the next perv. However, when I see a girl in public wearing something revealing, it can be just as much, sometimes even more, of a turn-on. So for better or worse, I will continue to explore this tease.

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